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06 May 2015

Combining My Locs 2015: Loc Journey Update

Once I combined my locs this past January, I have been much happier with my hair.  In general, they dance together less often, which means I do not have to pop or separate my locs as much.  On top of that, my hair is the size and thickness that I envisioned for my locs.

In my latest video, I share how I combine my locs by interlocking and show one of my latest twist outs.  More than anything, embracing how you want your hair to look and what method of maintaining your roots is best for you is most important.  Don't worry about what others are doing with their hair.  Yes, it's great to be inspired by other loc wearers and it's good to have an idea of how you want your locs to look.  However, it's not great to be so infatuated with someone else's hair or their journey until you are unable to appreciate your own journey and your own locs.

For me, embracing my loc journey meant freeforming and combining my locs over time until they were the size I wanted.  Hindsight 20-20, I certainly would have started my locs this size, with a particular set of two strand twists that I installed right before my loc journey began.  What brings me comfort and peace is knowing that starting with a larger size would have changed my journey completely.  My locs have grown and changed with me, in size and in length.  Looking forward, I'm just as excited now about my loc journey as I was two years and 11 months ago.

{{Watch the Video Here}}

See you in my next post! ♥

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04 May 2015

My First Retwist in 1 Year! (Freeform Loc Journey)

About two months ago, I retwisted my locs.  Other than combining my locs, I do not manipulate my new growth at all.  I shampoo my scalp weekly, condition my locs weekly, and shampoo my hair shaft/locs monthly.

I was curious to see how uniform in size my locs are after combining them again this January.  I'm happy to say, retwisting went great.  The video below shares my results.

{{Watch video here}}

This was certainly a "pretend retwist" because I washed my hair about five days after twisting them!  I wanted to keep it in longer but an eczema flare up prevented me from doing so.  But more than that, I just missed my full roots!

Thanks for reading! ♥

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01 April 2015

Easy Spring Outfit: Casual Chic

Casual Spring 2015 Outfit Idea:

#0037 Easy...

Oasis knit cardigan
$37 -

Jigsaw black shirt
$43 -

Pieces blue legging
$52 -

Warehouse duffel bag
$44 -

Heart pendant

ChloBo stackable ring
$37 -

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31 March 2015

2 Years, 7 Months Loc Journey Length Check

For details about my hair right now, check out my previous post:  {{2 Years, 7 Months Loc Update + Combining My Locs}}.

Over time, my hair goals have pretty much stayed the same.  From the beginning, I planned to color my hair each year and my long term goal was to grow my hair beyond butt length.  For the most part, my hair related goals have remained the same.  The biggest difference between then and now is simply time:  three years to be exact!

Lately, most of my time has been spent revamping my shampooing routine to care for my Eczema, both on my skin and scalp.  I have two or three products that I heavily depend on now.  For severe flare ups, I use Selsun Blue Dry & Itchy Scalp shampoo.  To prevent flare ups and to maintain the general health of my scalp, I use Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Body Wash as a shampoo.  And to keep my roots moisturized when my scalp is doing well, I use Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Shampoo.

In general, all three of the shampoos I mentioned above work great for me, depending on what my needs are.  And most important to me, none of them strip my hair or my scalp of its natural oils.  Since my hair is permanently colored, I rarely use the products for my scalp on the shaft of my hair/locs.  Instead, another set of products is what I use to care for my color treated hair.  For information about how I care for my colored locs and what products I use, visit this post:  {{Hair Products for Colored Locs & Eczema Relief}}.  I also go into depth about my Eczema relief routine.

Below is the video version of my loc update, featuring my length check and a close up look at my locs right now.  Hope you all enjoy!

{{Watch the Video Here}}

Thanks so much for reading!  See you soon. ♥

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23 March 2015

2 Years, 7 Months Loc Update + Combining My Locs

As the months go by, the date of my three year loc anniversary gets closer and closer!  I am super excited beyond explanation.

14 March 2015

Chic & Stylish Winter OOTD / Outfit of the Day

Hey guys!  I haven't shared an outfit of the day in a very long time and I definitely felt like a video version was certainly due.  Layers are my best friend in the colder months and since I recorded this video right after getting home, I was able to show one of my favorite coats in the video!  Check out the look in motion right here:

{{Click Here to Watch Video}}

I also took a few pictures to show my jewelry and head wrap up close.  This head wrap in particular is something I came up with last minute that morning but I have recreated this look a few more times since then.  As far as jewelry, both my earrings and rings are from Claire's.  I believe the necklace was purchased years ago at the same store.  Claire's always has cute, stylish and unique jewelry and accessories that I absolutely love!

My pants were purchased a few years ago at J.C. Penney (another one of my favorite stores) and the white/cream cropped sweater is from Target.  The boots are a few years old too and I found them at Shoe Carnival (my main store for shoes besides DSW).

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the video as well.  See you in my next post! ♥
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