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27 January 2016

Winter OOTD: Aztec Print Maxi Skirt + Fur Vest

Hey guys!  I'm back with another Winter outfit of the day.  This look features an Aztec print maxi skirt, faux fur vest, brown lace up boots, and whimsical jewelry and accessories.  I also curled my hair that week using cloth rollers / curlers made with an old cami / camisole.  Words of the wise:  use a black or dark colored shirt to make cloth rollers.  Some fabrics pill once wet and I had dark yellow / gold flecks in my hair before church service!  (Thankfully, my Momma pulled out the ones I couldn't see). ;)

On to my accessories - everything I'm wearing is from Charming Charlie and Claire's, my main go-to stores for jewelry.  My necklace is old - I've had it for years, but I'm almost certain it's from either Claire's or Icing.  (Yes, I've been shopping at Claire's since I was little!)

Whoooo!  I'm so excited with how mature my locs look!  I love them!  In a few months, I will celebrate my 4 year / four year loc anniversary.  I'm totally excited.  In the meantime, here's my Winter OOTD in motion.  Check out the video below:

Watch the Video - Click Here

Thank you so much for reading! ♥

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20 January 2016

Cute Boho Jewelry, Hair, and Nails (Bohemian Style Accessories)

Hey guys!  Oh how I've missed posting. ♥  Hopefully, my upcoming posts will have been worth the wait.  *fingers crossed*

I love adding accessories to finish my overall look.  Stacked rings, post earrings / stud earrings, and flowers are my year round staples.  This outfit features all three!

That day, I also wore one of my favorite manicures - glitter nails!  I always pile on more than one glitter nail polish over two coats of any color.  For this manicure, I used a golden yellow nail polish as the base color.  Then I added multi-colored glitter polish, silver glitter polish, and holographic silver polish with larger flecks of glitter.  BOOM!

Check out my full Winter Bohemian look.  See you in my next post. ♥

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24 December 2015

Cute Boho Winter OOTD (Behemian Style Winter Outfits)

In this Winter outfit of the day, I totally channeled the bohemian side of me. :)  I loved wearing this look.  Hopefully the weather will clear up soon and I'll be able to create a similar outfit.

See you in my next post! ♥

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20 December 2015

Floral Palazzo Pants | Winter OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

For some reason, the temperatures where I live have been all over the place.  Winter officially starts this week for us but it's been unreasonably warm one minute and reasonably cold the next minute.  Even though I'm under the weather, I wanted to get this outfit of the day posted.

This day was an "unreasonably warm" day for the time of year, so I wore a burgundy and gold sweater from J.C. Penny.  I absolutely love their Petite clothing...when I can get to the stores in time!  I wore a pair of palazzo pants that are cute and comfortable, paired with fur boots and a warm scarf.

Pink glitter drop earrings, assorted stud earrings / post earrings, and gold rings were my choice accessories.

During the cold weather months, I protect my locs / natural hair by wearing head wraps.  I wear a variation of this head wrap style often.  I have a tutorial on how I create my head wrap buns.  I use the same techniques used in this video whether the bun is over my forehead or at the nape of my neck.

See you in my next post! ♥

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13 December 2015

Aztec Prints Fall OOTD

I love wearing clothes and accessories featuring Aztec prints.  I wear them every season, including the Fall / Autumn.  This look features one of my newest tops, purchased during the pre-Black Friday sales.  The palazzo pants are comfortable and airy, making this a great outfit for days when I’m on the move.

I paired a long beaded necklace and post earrings / stud earrings with silver stacked rings.

I wore one of my favorite pair of Makalu boots in black and a brown woven headband to pull my locs back off my face.

When I’m running errands or going to appointments, I tend to keep my outfits simple.  I don’t wear layers or thick clothing and I make sure to wear a warm coat when it’s cold outside.

See you in my next post! ♥
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