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Hey guys!

Attending sports games is definitely a time to express yourself and have fun with your clothes and overall look.  Do you enjoy playing with colors or prints?  Are you feeling shy about stepping out of your comfort zone?  With basketball season in full swing, both professional and college level, I couldn't help but create an outfit that's great for attending any game.

Depending on the facility, the building can be too cool or too warm at times.  Wearing light layers usually does the trick.  With this look, I focused on the layers that you can wear underneath a vest or coat.  The first piece I chose was the bright teal colored jeans.  I added a men's graphic sweatshirt that I pinned on Pinterest to contrast the feminine jeans.  The brown and white wedge sneakers are to die for!  I absolutely love this pair.  Instead of your entire outfit having bright colors or patterns, adding in neutral tones for your shoes and accessories works best.

My last tip is to make sure that your rings/earrings/necklaces/bracelets reflect you.  I tend to wear silver more than gold.  I also absolutely love star and moon shapes and stacked rings.  I included all three of my fave jewelry styles in this look.  Think about what you like to wear the most or what accessories you would wear everyday if you could.  Those are usually things that you can easily incorporate into any outfit, even one for a sporting event like a basketball game.

Check out the complete look below. =)

#0035 Basketball Game Outfit ft. a Graphic Sweatshirt

Wrangler blue jeans
$77 -

Brown purse

Silver jewelry

Fornash jewelry

Khai Khai star earrings

H M white infinity scarve
$6.15 -

Thanks so much for reading!  See you in my next post. ♥

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#0034 Celebrity Inspired Look ft. Christina Milian

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This outfit is from a few weeks ago, almost a month to be exact. ;)  I love this sweater dress.  I bought it years ago from Body Central (which is sadly now out of business) but with care, the sweater has remained one of my favorite pieces to wear for special occasions around the holiday season and/or Valentine's Day.  If your interested, I do have a lookbook featuring outfits I would wear for a Valentine's Day date.

Regarding this outfit, I paired the dress with a long sleeve knit top in purple hue and patterned leggings.  I had so much fun wearing this look!  Dressing this outfit up more by adding tights or stockings and flats or heels instantly changes the look.

Thanks so much for reading!  See you in my next post. ♥
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