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30 December 2013

Loc Updo: A "Short" Style Without Scissors

Hey guys!  Here's an easy updo I came up with one day when I wanted my hair up off my neck.  I usually were my hair to the side, since I prefer to keep it off my face as well.  This style offers easy to recreate twists and turns and minimal use of hair pins, depending on your hair length.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial. =)

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦ 

Benefits of Epilating to Remove Facial Hair for Women | Plus Tips

This video shares some of the tips and tricks I've learned with epilating to remove my unwanted facial hair.  There are many benefits, and for me personally, my skin feels much happier with this hair removal method, versus shaving or plucking individual hairs. 

I have struggled with unwanted facial hair on my chin and cheeks since the beginning of my teen years.  I never attempted to wax or shave, initially, but chose to pluck each individual hair.  Nonetheless, when my hormones first changed, there where to many hairs to pluck one-by-one so I chose to use the delicate small attachment from my Remington Shaver made for the bikini line, tummy, and face.  This worked for a while, but I found that the hairs were quite stubborn as they grew back in.  I already suffer from acne due to my oily skin, so any ingrown hairs created a painful and stressful issue:  ingrown hairs.  These ingrown hairs either surfaced as hard pimples or small hard pimples.  Regardless of size, they hurt and were even more noticeable that the hairs themselves!

I knew that the combination of plucking and shaving some areas would no longer work.  I was tired of getting pimples the day after shaving or plucking, all along my cheeks and chin where the hairs grew back in.  I had researched epilating and invested in purchasing the Remington Waterproof Epilator system.  I started with my legs first, then ventured to testing it on my chin.  The hairs grew back in thick and stubby, so they were hard to catch with the shaver and plucking became painful if they grew slightly into the skin.  With the epilator, however, catching the short hairs was a breeze and I no longer had to search for each individual hair. 

Thanks for reading,

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

22 November 2013

Skin Care Tips for Removing Facial Hair | Women

No more discomfort, embarrassment, or tedious removal methods! So many of us struggle with unwanted facial hair; just look at all the products geared towards removing or slowing the growth of such hairs! I'm still young and learning, but here are a few tips and tricks I've learned from my Momma, Nana, and hours of research that help ease removal.

>>>Disclaimer:  I'm not a Dermatologist or skin specialist. Just sharing tips from my experience, experiences of women in my family, and based on my own research.<<<

The Basics:  Preparation for All Skin Types

[1] Always wash your face BEFORE attempting to remove any hairs from your face. (Regardless of the method you plan to use.)

[2] For all skin types, choose your favorite exfoliation method and use that product prior to removing facial hair. (This will remove excess dead skin cells and possibly help lift the hairs of curlier hair types from beneath the skin, i.e. potential ingrown hairs.)

[3] If you have dry skin, DO NOT use facial scrubs or masks that may excessively dry out your skin. (Plucking, waxing, epilating, dilapidation, etc on dry skin can be damaging to each hair follicle.)

[4] If you have oily skin, DO use a cleanser, scrub, or mask that removes excess oil and dead skin build up. (Curly hair types may grown into skin between hair removal; a scrub or mask may gently remove those layers of skin.)

[5] If you have combination skin, DO use a product that caters to the needs of your skin:  such as the oily prone T-Zone and dry areas on the cheeks, chin, or around the mouth.

[6] Prep your tools and skin with a swipe of rubbing alcohol using a cotton ball or pad. (This will kill any bacteria left on your skin's surface and on your tools.)

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

10 August 2013

Bright & Colorful Nail Design! | with Sally Hansen & Orly

Here's a summer manicure I created using some of my favorite bright and colorful nail polish shades. The polishes used in this Mani are listed below, including the basecoat and topcoat. The stores where I purchased each nail polish is listed as well.

23 July 2013

Protein Treatment & Deep Conditioner Recipes for Natural Hair

Thinking of coloring your hair soon?  Whether you're planning to visit your favorite salon or if you're preparing to experiment with coloring your own hair at home, how you take care of your hair prior to coloring is very important.  Protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments are a great option for preparing your strands for the harsh chemicals involved with applying color.  Protein will fill in the gaps in your strands from usual wear and tear.  Deep conditioning treatments will add much needed moisture following the use of a protein mix.  

I created these two recipes by modifying different recipes I found online.

10 June 2013

This Week Marks a New Beginning

This isn't your average, run of the mill, beginning of the week.  Oh no!  This week marks the start of a new beginning:  no longer will I let my fears of branching out overwhelm me.  How will I know whether or not others will appreciate my artwork, fashion ideas and writing style if I don't hold my head high and share it with the world?

It's amazing how God always blesses us with a plethora of different talents and gifts, yet we spend a lifetime learning to accept and embrace them.  Some of us chase after dreams that were placed on our hearts by others, not by the Lord.  Others of us never let our dreams exist beyond the time we spend on our pillow at night.  Many others fall into other categories beyond these and some in between.
And His joy translates through me when I share my creativity.  Hence, the name of my blog:  Everything Created with Love.

All the while, the Lord continues to bless us endlessly; each time He gives us another day to live, he gives us the opportunity to embrace the person He created us to be.  I don't want to be one of those people that spends a lifetime pretending to be something I'm not or striving to fit a certain mold or ideal created by popular media.  No.  I just want to be me.
I know I'm not the only one who feels this way; others will take the same journey with me.  I pray that I inspire other young ladies and young girls to step out of the shadows and bravely share their talent and gifts with the world.  No longer should we be afraid or frighten by the chance of not meeting the approval of everyone.  The only one I aim to please is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  When I focus on my relationship with Christ FIRST, I immediately please the Father as well.  When the Lord recognizes my desire to live for Him and Him alone, He is overjoyed!


Thought for the Week:

"Stay humble and stay true.  The only one who decides what makes you happy is you.  Never let anyone else define who you are or who you'd like to be.  Trust your heart!  God has great plans for you...YOU'LL SEE!"

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

14 May 2013

Featured Artist Tuesday! | ♪ Jessica Sanchez ♫

Me, You & The Music

I am so excited right now!  On my quest to find new music, I came across a lovely set of vocals belonging to Jessica Sanchez.  Jessica was a contestant on Cycle 11 of the hit show and she recently released her debut album, Me, You & The Music at the end of April.  Her first single, "Tonight" features writer and recording artist Ne-Yo and has made a buzz on the music scene.  Miss Sanchez has more great things in the work as well:  she has a deal with Interscope and she'll be joining the cast of the hit show Glee.  To top it off, this young lady is 17!  Talk about showing young girls everywhere that with perspective, dedication, and hard work you can reach your goals and make your dreams come true!

I absolutely love the video for "Tonight!"  The atmosphere is fun with a dose of glam topped with a sleek edge.  The upbeat chorus make you want to go out with your girls just to dance the night away.  Lyrically, the track brings images of "leaving earth" to a planet where "the dudes have money...and they're not afraid to spend it...the party's never ending...and everything's alright."  Sometimes I want to run away to a place like that too, so I instantly started playing this song on repeat!


"We not even on earth tonight." - Tonight by Jessica Sanchez feat. Ne-Yo

After one listen, numerous other tracks on the album caught my attention:

  1. Crazy Glue
  1. No One Compares
  1. In Your Hands
  1. You've Got The Love

Hope you enjoyed this week's featured artist!  If you check out her music, let me know what you think.  Talk to you guys soon!


♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

Jessica Sanchez definitely will continue to make moves in the music scene.  Check out her album Me, You & The Music; it's available in stores, on Amazon, and on iTunes.  Keep up with the latest news on Jessica by visiting her main website, where you'll find links to her social media and info on how to subscribe to her mailing list.

HINT:  Members of the mailing list are eligible to receive free show tickets, latest event news and updates catered to her fans!  Check it out!

10 May 2013

Easy Flower Nail Art Design Tutorial

Here's a simple flower nail art design I came up with while experimenting with some of my favorite pink nail polish shades. The technique is easy, and depending on your nail length, you can change the size of the flowers to you liking.

>>> Here's how to create the design:

  1. Prep your nails using your favorite manicure technique
  2. Choose a sheer or pastel color as your base color
  3. Choose two polish colors (preferably different shades of the same color)
  4. Pick a light or dark green polish color to create stems & grass
  5. Grab your favorite base and top coat polish
  6. Optional:  Grab a manicure stick, nail gems/decals, and a detail brush 

Hope you enjoy this simple and easy technique to create flowers. =)

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

Easy Going Flexi-Rod Set on Locs Tutorial

There's so many different techniques for curling your hair, and locs are no exception.  My favorite method to date is using Flexi-Rods, or Flex Rods to curl my locs.

Flex Rods come in wide variety of lengths and widths.  Some are as thin as straws and others are almost as thick as small/medium magnetic rollers.  I use a variety of four different sizes of rods across my whole head and I place them depending on how I want my curls to fall.  Here's a few guidelines I use when deciding which rods to use or purchase:

  1. Decide what size you want your curls to be and choose rods to match
  • To create tiny/narrow springy spirals -- Use rods the around the size of straws
  • To create medium spirals -- Use medium sized rods ☺
  • To create large, bouncy spirals that fall as slight waves -- Use rods with a thick width
     2.  Guesstimate how many rods you will need
  • Thicker hair will typically need more rods
  • Fine hair will typically need fewer rods
  • Smaller rods = more used to set your hair
  • Larger rods = fewer used to set your hair
     3.  If your locs are different lengths, use various sized rods in one set to create uniform looking curls [method I usually use]
  • Use somewhat thinner rods on your shorter/thinner locs
  • Use somewhat thicker rods on your longer/thicker locs
Have fun and experiment with different techniques of wrapping your hair along the flexi-rods and try out different flex rod sizes. =)

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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