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10 May 2013

Easy Going Flexi-Rod Set on Locs Tutorial

There's so many different techniques for curling your hair, and locs are no exception.  My favorite method to date is using Flexi-Rods, or Flex Rods to curl my locs.

Flex Rods come in wide variety of lengths and widths.  Some are as thin as straws and others are almost as thick as small/medium magnetic rollers.  I use a variety of four different sizes of rods across my whole head and I place them depending on how I want my curls to fall.  Here's a few guidelines I use when deciding which rods to use or purchase:

  1. Decide what size you want your curls to be and choose rods to match
  • To create tiny/narrow springy spirals -- Use rods the around the size of straws
  • To create medium spirals -- Use medium sized rods ☺
  • To create large, bouncy spirals that fall as slight waves -- Use rods with a thick width
     2.  Guesstimate how many rods you will need
  • Thicker hair will typically need more rods
  • Fine hair will typically need fewer rods
  • Smaller rods = more used to set your hair
  • Larger rods = fewer used to set your hair
     3.  If your locs are different lengths, use various sized rods in one set to create uniform looking curls [method I usually use]
  • Use somewhat thinner rods on your shorter/thinner locs
  • Use somewhat thicker rods on your longer/thicker locs
Have fun and experiment with different techniques of wrapping your hair along the flexi-rods and try out different flex rod sizes. =)

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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