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23 July 2013

Protein Treatment & Deep Conditioner Recipes for Natural Hair

Thinking of coloring your hair soon?  Whether you're planning to visit your favorite salon or if you're preparing to experiment with coloring your own hair at home, how you take care of your hair prior to coloring is very important.  Protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments are a great option for preparing your strands for the harsh chemicals involved with applying color.  Protein will fill in the gaps in your strands from usual wear and tear.  Deep conditioning treatments will add much needed moisture following the use of a protein mix.  

I created these two recipes by modifying different recipes I found online.

My hair is fine and not extremely coily or curly.  Thus, these light mixtures were not too heavy or thick for my hair.  Hope this helps someone else looking for a lighter alternative to most protein treatment recipes and deep conditioning treatment recipes.  Enjoy!

♥ Miss Cherie Marie ♥

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