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30 December 2013

Benefits of Epilating to Remove Facial Hair for Women | Plus Tips

This video shares some of the tips and tricks I've learned with epilating to remove my unwanted facial hair.  There are many benefits, and for me personally, my skin feels much happier with this hair removal method, versus shaving or plucking individual hairs. 

I have struggled with unwanted facial hair on my chin and cheeks since the beginning of my teen years.  I never attempted to wax or shave, initially, but chose to pluck each individual hair.  Nonetheless, when my hormones first changed, there where to many hairs to pluck one-by-one so I chose to use the delicate small attachment from my Remington Shaver made for the bikini line, tummy, and face.  This worked for a while, but I found that the hairs were quite stubborn as they grew back in.  I already suffer from acne due to my oily skin, so any ingrown hairs created a painful and stressful issue:  ingrown hairs.  These ingrown hairs either surfaced as hard pimples or small hard pimples.  Regardless of size, they hurt and were even more noticeable that the hairs themselves!

I knew that the combination of plucking and shaving some areas would no longer work.  I was tired of getting pimples the day after shaving or plucking, all along my cheeks and chin where the hairs grew back in.  I had researched epilating and invested in purchasing the Remington Waterproof Epilator system.  I started with my legs first, then ventured to testing it on my chin.  The hairs grew back in thick and stubby, so they were hard to catch with the shaver and plucking became painful if they grew slightly into the skin.  With the epilator, however, catching the short hairs was a breeze and I no longer had to search for each individual hair. 

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♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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