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08 December 2014

New Years Eve Look 2014 | Party Attire

I wanted to create something special.  This look is definitely something I would wear to a New Year's Eve party or evening get together.  I love glitter and I love sparkly things!

• Monsoon black cardigan

• NLY Trend crop top
$31 -

• Oasis black shirt
$13 -

• Alice Olivia skirt
$340 -

• Mixit black tight

• Jessica Simpson suede boots

• ZAC Zac Posen leather handbag

• White gold earrings

• Roberto Cavalli ring
$385 -

See you in my next post and thanks for reading! ♥

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03 December 2014

Stylish Spin on Menswear: Navy Button Up Shirt with Colorful Accessories


I wanted to create a look that featured a men's button up shirt, since they are one of my favorite items to wear in the Fall and Spring.  To add some creative flare, I paired the black cardigan and deep forest green jeans with a pair of orange pumps with Aztec print details on the toe.  Also, the statement piece bib necklace features multicolored gems with a gold chain link clasp.  For the dangle earrings, I chose Aztec print patterned triangular earrings that match the pumps.  I enjoy wearing gold jewelry, as long as it has a rustic and worn feel.  The etched bangles and rings are just my style.  Finally, after spotting the clutch decorated with black beads, I couldn't resist adding it to this outfit.  Hope you all enjoy!

• Vero Moda cardigan
$37 -

• Stretch jeans
$185 -

• Charlotte Olympia platform shoes
$995 -

• Black handbag

• Bracelet jewelry
$7.33 -

• Necklace

• Drop earrings
$4.70 -

Thanks for reading.  See you in tomorrow's post! ♥

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Rings & Bangles Haul | Claire's

About a month ago, I did a little shopping to add to my jewelry collection.  I absolutely love rings but it's sometimes hard to find rings in my size because I have small fingers and joints.  Claire's usually has a wide enough range of ring sizes that allows me to purchase more items.

One of my favorite styles of rings are the ones that you can wear alone or stack together for a different look.  I also enjoy mixing metals, colors, and textures when I wear multiple rings.  I believe it's best to mention I tend to wear a ring on every finger; I definitely have my Nana (Grandmother) to thank for that!

In the short videos below, you can see my favorites out off all the rings I bought.  I love the ones that are uniquely shaped and the ones that came as a complete set.  In addition to buying rings, I also bought a set of silver bangles.  They are etched in black and have a rustic yet feminine feel to them.  I felt these pieces would fit well with jewelry I already have.  Thankfully, I didn't break the bank purchasing any of these pieces.  I bought them during a buy-one, get-one half off sale.  (This type of sale in Clare's are definitely one of my favorites.)  The prices and totals are broken down beneath the videos as well.

Love, Anchor, and Infinity Rings Set in Silver

Silver and Hematite Chevron Rings

Silver, Gold, and Hematite Animal Ear Rings

Gold and Silver Wide Band Rings

Etched Bangle Bracelets Set

Pricing Details & Links

Silver and Hematite Chevron Rings  |  Price:  $5.62 (U.S. Dollars)  |  View & Buy {{here}}

Silver, Gold, and Hematite Animal Ear Rings  |  Price:  $6.51 (U.S. Dollars)  |  Item # 75980 No Longer Listed Online

Love, Anchor, and Infinity Rings Set in Silver  |  Price:  $10.87 (U.S. Dollars)  | Item # 98185 No Longer Listed Online

Etched Bangle Bracelets Set  |  Price:  $5.74 (U.S. Dollars)  |  View & Buy  {{here}}

Gold and Silver Wide Band Rings  |  Price:  $10.89 (U.S. Dollars)  | View & Buy  {{here}}

Thanks so much for reading and watching my videos.  See you in my next post! ♥

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01 December 2014

Nude Mood with a Pop of Color: Style of the Day

I'm not sure how today's "Style of the Day" ended up being a flashy business look but I guess that is what's been on my mind lately.  Instead of sticking to black, gray, and white or a completely nude look, I decided to combine the two together while adding in a pop of red.  Using a blouse to add a pop of color to any outfit is super easy and often fool proof.  Styling an outfit this way allows you to express yourself without doing too much.

I didn't want to feel plain if I wore this look so I paired this red draped blouse with a gray patterned pencil skirt and black waist belt.  These three pieces together create a polished yet stylish look.  Sticking with the "nude mood" theme, I made sure that the pumps and handbag were nude as well.  Adding silver stud earrings also keeps things professional while still expressing style.  Would this be an office look?  That depends on your working environment and what your day may hold.  As soon as you get a chance to dress with more color and/or patterns, this look will allow you to have fun!

• H&M black cardigan
$19 -

• H&M sleeveless top
$24 -

• H&M pencil skirt
$39 -

• Nine West pumps

• Earrings

• H&M black belt
$20 -

See you in my next post!  Thanks for reading. ♥

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27 November 2014

Length Check Update: Colored Locs Journey #LocJourneyUpdate

I wanted to start officially documenting my colored locs journey.  So far, most of my videos and blog posts about my hair focused on my natural hair journey and my overall loc journey.  But from now on, I plan to update you all on both the length of my hair and/or the condition of my hair since starting my color journey.

The first time my hair was colored was in 2011.  A boxed dye was used, but I still went to my beautician; I completely trusted her as a stylist, colorist, and cutter.

Colored using SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Color Confidence Permanent Hair Color, Auburn 403

Colored using SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Color Confidence Permanent Hair Color, Auburn 403

{{SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Permanent Hair Color in Auburn 403}}
(you have to select the color from the drop down box)

That color lasted over a year but very soon, I needed a change.  In May or June of 2013, to celebrate my 1 year loc anniversary, I decided to color my hair using professional hair coloring products from Clairol Professional.  I absolutely loved the results.

Colored using Clairol Professional Liquicolor in 3RR/203RR Medium Intense Red Violet.  Rinsed with Clairol Jazzing Temporary Hair Color in #10 Clear.

Colored using Clairol Professional Liquicolor in 3RR/203RR Medium Intense Red Violet.  Rinsed with Clairol Jazzing Temporary Hair Color in #10 Clear.

(you have to select the color from the drop down box)
(you have to select the color from the drop down box)

By my 2 year loc anniversary in June 2014, I had already planned out my next hair color move.  I used another color by Clairol Professional as well.

 Colored using Clairol Professional Creme Permanent in 5R/3RR Lightest Red Brown

Colored using Clairol Professional Creme Permanent in 5R/3RR Lightest Red Brown

{{Clairol Professional Creme Permanent in 5R/3RR Lightest Red Brown}}
(you have to select the color from the drop down box)

And now you are all up to date on my colored locs journey.  Earlier this week, I recorded my first video update featuring my length check for the month of November and close up shots of my hair right now.  Watch the length check and loc update video {{here on my YouTube channel}}.

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you enjoy my loc update and colored locs journey update.  See you in my next post! ♥

#LocJourney #LocJourneyUpdate #ColoredLocs #ColoredLocsJourney #2YearsLocs #2YearsLocUpdate #2YearsLocJourney

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26 November 2014

Stylish Spin on Menswear: Cable Knit Cardigan Sweater


I wanted to create a look that totally matches my style while allowing me to step out of my comfort zone.  Oxfords have always been a style of shoe that I can never quite seem to fit into my own personal wardrobe.  However, paired with the right pieces of clothing, I have realized that I can definitely pull off a look featuring women's oxfords.

This "Stylish Spin on Menswear" features a wool-blend cable knit cardigan.  To keep things interesting, I paired the cardigan with a glittery pair of gold pants.  There's no such thing as too much glitter in my mind!  Sticking with the menswear theme, I decided to add a taupe pair of oxfords.  A feminine touch is added with the wine colored bow blouse and cat face purse.  For jewelry, I chose to stick with the color black, specifically gunmetal pieces.  Both the angular hoop earrings and the bracelet are gunmetal.  The ring features an ombre effect that blends well with the other accessories.  I really hope you guys enjoy this look!

Thank you all so much for reading!  See you in my next post. ♥

Did you miss my latest haul video?  Watch it {{here}} to get your full dose of Fall and Winter boots!

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25 November 2014

Fall and Winter Boots Haul ft. #RocketDog & #Makalu

***Full Transcript of Video can be found below.

Shoes featured in this Haul:

Makalu Sonya
Style # 83780
Color:  Chestnut
Size:  8 1/2
Link | Womens Makalu Sonya in Chestnut

Rocket Dog Tillie
Style # 83487
Color:  Chestnut
Size:  8 1/2
Link | Womens Rocket Dog Tillie in Chestnut

Makalu Ani
Style # 77343
Color:  Chestnut
Size:  8 1/2
Link | Womens Makalu Ani in Chestnut

(The shoe I didn't like!)
Rock And Candy Spraypaint
Style # 80882
Link | Womens Rock and Candy Spraypaint

Thanks so much for reading and watching my video.  See you in my next post! ♥


Full Video Transcript

Hey guys! I’m back with another haul video.  I’m so excited.  If you read my blog or have been checking out some of the new content I’m posting, I just made a Polyvore and a whole bunch of the outfits that I come up with always have boots.  One of my favorite things to wear in the fall, winter, and spring is boots.  Since I went to college, a lot of the shoes, I wore them to death and they pretty much lasted the four years I guess between high school and college.  So I had to give them away or just completely toss them.  So, I got three new pairs today so I’m super excited.  All three of these shoes can be found at Shoe Carnival.  You can check online or you can visit your local store.  I’m pretty sure they’re still there.  So, let’s get started.

Alright, this first boot that I got, I absolutely love these.  They look similar to both the shoes from Bear Paw and the ones from Uggs.  I really like the toe room that these boots offer.  They’re from a company called Makalu.  I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that correctly but the shoes are super comfortable.  They’re fur lined on the inside as well.  And they have a little more room in the toe box than some of the other boots that are made similar to this style.  I paid $39.99 for them so I can’t wait to do some looks featuring these boots.

Another pair of boots that I got are from the exact same company.  I’ll probably write the name somewhere in the video.  But I absolutely love these.  I love boots that are fur lined, clearly, but that you can convert.  So you can wear them with the flap up and then the tongue down.  Or you can pin it, well actually you don’t have to pin it.  You can just position the flap upward.  So I completely love that.  I’ll probably begin wearing them low this way the first time as well.  And they have a pretty cool moccasin kind of look going on and once again, super comfortable, a lot of cushioning and support for the inside of your foot.  And I just had to pick up a pair of these.  I think they also had them in grey or black.  And I believe I paid $34.98 for this pair.

And I definitely needed some more combat style boots.  But I wanted something that reminded me of a Timberland or something like that so I got these boots from Rocket Dog.  This is actually a shoe company that me and my cousin buy so many shoes from them.  Both for the fall and winter and spring we tend to buy shoes from this company.  There was another shoe that I was looking at that was really similar but I tried it on and it just felt horrible.  I forget what company they were from, but it had no support whatsoever and the top of the shoe was not comfortable.  It was too hard.  So nothing’s worse than having a toe box that every time your toe hits it, it actually physically hurts.  I paid $54.98 for them but I had a 10 dollar coupon.  Yay!  So that cut off some of the price on the most expensive shoe.  So I guess I paid like $44 for these.  They’re really cute, super comfortable and it’s one of the darker shoes that I got.  I tend to get shoes that have a lighter hue or a medium light hue, like this pair, because it works better with the type of colors that I wear and my, you know, scarves and accessories and stuff like that.

I definitely will have a lookbook coming up soon.  I can’t wait.  I haven’t been feeling so good so I didn’t feel up to filming like outdoors or anything like that because that’s my preference.  So I will definitely have some looks coming up featuring these new shoes.  So, thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.  Peace out!

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24 November 2014

Thanksgiving Outfits: Casual & Edgy Glam Looks

Thanksgiving is this Thursday in the States.  I'm super excited to spend quality time with my family and I certainly can't wait for Thanksgiving dinner!  One of my favorite things to do each year is to pick out a special outfit that truly represents me and my style.  I created two Thanksgiving Day outfit ideas that completely match my mood this Fall.  I'm feeling both edgy and chic, yet warm and calm.  One look is casual, which I will share first, and the other is more dressy and glam.

The casual outfit idea features a sweater I just couldn't resist!  Look at the lovely bunny rabbit; it's too cute, but has an artsy vibe that I love.  Paired with brown leggings and taupe colored wedge booties, I played on the knit pattern in the sweater that is light brown and grey.  An added touch is the fake gauge earrings, which keeps things exciting and unexpected.  The earrings are definitely a conversation starter!  Finally, the leaf ring and snake ring fit with the nature theme of the rabbit sweater, and the arrow necklace does just the same with a similar metal hue.

• Boatneck top
$24 -

• Marc Jacobs legging

• Cougar wedge boots

• Givenchy shoulder bag

• Spiral earrings

• Avant Garde Paris brass ring

• Isabel Marant ring

• Necklace

The more dressy outfit idea features a cable knit sweater dress.  I absolutely love wearing sweater dresses!  I feel girly and cute.  I paired the dress with black tights and a black stretch belt to cinch the waist.  Faux or real, I love wearing fur.  A fox fur bolero and grey wedge booties with a fur lining completed this look for me.  I wanted to keep all the accessories edgy, with a touch of glam.  For rings, I chose a set of four rings that can easily be stacked or worn separately.  For the earrings, I chose hammered black drop earrings and a jagged ear cuff earring set.  Finally, for a necklace I chose a gun metal reflective cross necklace.

• Gucci short sleeve jacket

• Fleece tight

• Imago A real leather handbag

• Elastic belt

• Hammered, Sleek and Shine Earring Set

• Shaping Up Ring Set

• Jagged Edge Ear Cuff

• Baroque Reflection Cross Necklace

Thank you so much for reading!  See you in my next post. ♥

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21 November 2014

Freeform Locs and Shrinkage: Loc Journey Update

Growing locs or dreadlocks is truly a journey.  Lately, everytime I wash my hair, I'm always looking forward to seeing my hair's true length while it's wet.  My hair shrinks -- a lot.  It always has shrunken a whole lot, especially at the roots.  But right now, at a time when my hair is beginning to reach my overall length goals, I really wish people could see how much my hair has grown on a daily basis.  Once my hair air dries or dries using a dryer, it curls up at the roots.  This is great for the locking process, especially since I have been freeforming for over a year now.  But as far as my true length shining through, that only seems to happen when my hair is either soaking wet or damp.

I realized this evening that this is another part of my loc journey:  early on, I dealt with a range of concerns.  At first, I felt bad for using conditioner on my starter locs.  Then I felt bad for not using conditioner every time I washed my hair since I washed it twice a week.  Later I felt uneasy about not palmrolling or interlocking anymore.  And after that, I worried about whether my hair texture was kinky and coily enough to lock together without retwisting, i.e. freeforming.  (You get the picture, right?)  =)  Most recently, my concern is my desire to make my length visible. 

In this very moment, I'm not really sure how or when I will move from this way of thinking.  It took time for me to accept and move on from all the concerns I mentioned above.  I know that with time, how I'm feeling about my hair right now will change.❤️

(My locs while they are freshly washed, damp, and air drying.  Date:  October 6, 2014)

(My locs while they are freshly washed, damp, and air drying.  Date:  October 20, 2014)

❤️ Miss Cherie Marie ❤️

12 November 2014

New Lineup for MissCherieMarieStyle 2015!

My goal is to post two videos a week throughout the upcoming year.  All videos will be uploaded to YouTube first, followed by a blog post including the full transcript for the video that can easily be translated to another language.  (Click the "Translate Language" button above on every page to change the language of all text on this blog.)

Another goal is to create stylish and easy to read photo sets featuring outfit ideas.  I've broken my outfit ideas down into three categories: 

(1) Style of the Day which will include any style or look 
(2) Stylish Spin on Menswear which will include outfits centered around one or more men's clothes items 
(3) Celebrity Inspired Outfit which will include outfits inspired by a celebrity's overall style 

I plan to post one of each a week.  Here's the full breakdown below: 

Monday ❤️ Style of the Day segment 

Tuesday ❤️ Either a video related to natural hair/locs/skin care via MissCherieMarie101 on YouTube OR a video related to style via MissCherieMarieStyle on YouTube 

Wednesday ❤️ Stylish Spin on Menswear #StylishSpinWednesday 

Thursday ❤️ Either a video related to natural hair/locs/skin care via MissCherieMarie101 on YouTube OR a video related to style via MissCherieMarieStyle on YouTube 

Friday ❤️ Celebrity Inspired Outfit segment 

I will still post Outfit of the Day / OOTD segments featuring outfits I've worn.  Some may be videos and others may be photos.  That will depend on my mood. :) 

Thank you for visiting my blog, reading my blog, and following my blog.  It really means so much! =) 

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05 November 2014

Style of the Day: Channeling Boho

• Lands End cardigan
$80 -

• Abercrombie Fitch t shirt

• American Vintage cotton shirt
$51 -

• Chloé chloe jeans
$315 -

• Timberland chukka boots

• Durango shoulder strap bag

• Forever 21 fake jewelry

• H M ring
$11 -

• Linda farrow eyewear

• Mid century wall art

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