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28 January 2014

DIY Loc Wraps Using a Shirt

Hey guys!

I really needed to do something new to add a little excitement to the process of styling my hair.  In my previous post, I shared with you all my frustrations with my hair not doing what I want style wise.  Well, to cheer myself up, I decided to make one of the many DIY projects I have written down in my journal.  I have a bunch of my old favorite shirts, belts, jeans, pants, and more that I plan to reuse creatively and I felt like the best place to start was with my hair.

Yes, of course you an buy loc wraps online or at certain vendors during natural hair expos, but you can also create your own using things that you likely already have at home.  I used a shirt I wore to death in high school and even college, and added a few silver clamp beads on the ends to secure the wraps.  Other than the shirt itself and the beads, I only needed a pair of scissors and a few minutes to cut out the strips of cloth.

Of course, these wraps can be applied to loose natural hair as well, since you can braid or twist the strips of cloth into your hair for a pop of color and texture.  Or, if you have two strand twists and braids, with or without extensions, you can wrap the strips of cloth around your twists or braids in a similar fashion as I share in the video.  No matter how you choose to wear your hair, I hope this do-it-yourself craft turns out to be a quick and easy way for you to razzle-dazzle your hair.  Watch my tutorial right here or you can watch the video below.

Peace out guys,

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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