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25 February 2014

Easy Going & Fashionable Spring Lookbook

Hey guys!

I totally cannot wait until Spring is officially here, both on the calendar and weather wise.  In the meantime, my heart is wishing for warmer days and my mind is dreaming of warmer weather.  I wanted to share a few looks that I would wear when I'm feeling easy going and carefree, yet still sweet and girly.  These outfits totally capture that feeling for me.

For each outfit, I kept my jewelry very simple, yet unique.  Often times, my jewelry becomes a welcomed conversation starter, even when I least expect it.  In look one, I chose a pair of my favorite wooden earrings that the purchased at Claire's a while back (the matching necklace is worn in outfit three). 

Look One Jewelry:

Look Two Jewelry: 

Look Three Jewelry:

Look Four Jewelry (Rings same as Look Three): 

Accessorizing these outfits allowed me to keep it simple for a change.  I usually wear a ring on each finger, bangles and bracelets paired together nicely, and a coordinating pair of earrings and a necklace or sometimes two -- still without overpowering things.  Nonetheless, I truly look forward to wearing these looks when this weather finally allows it.  Check out the lookbook below featuring these carefree and sweet outfits.

• Are you just as excited for Spring to arrive?  Let me know in the comments why or why not. =)  Thanks so much for reading.

Peace out guys!

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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