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04 March 2014

1 Year, 9 Months or 21 Months Loc Update

I can't believe my hair is almost two years old!  Time flies by so quickly when you just take your time and enjoy life.  My hair has grown with me as a person and I've enjoyed every minute of my journey thus far, including the good and bad moments and all in between.  If you're visiting my blog, after watching my latest YouTube video, thanks so much for checking out my blog!  I promised pictures of my hair between my last update at thirteen months, found here, and how my hair looks now.  Check out the pictures:

Until I post a series of pictures all together, I never really pay attention to how many pictures I take!  I just like to capture the moment, be it my hair, clothes or time spent with family and friends:  I take pictures of everything.  Nonetheless, I recapped everything I've been going through behind-the-camera with my hair in this video.  For those reading this on mobile or desktop, the video is located below as well.  

My hair is truly an extension of me; when I'm happy and at peace within, my hair tends to cooperate more than when I'm frustrated, stressed, or feeling under pressure.  In those moments, my hair won't even stay in once place while I sleep at night!  All in all, it feels amazing to remember all that I've experienced thus far, knowing that I started my locs on my own, maintained them, colored them, and have been able to retain length in the midst of my unavoidable and frustrating eczema flare-ups.  No one's loc journey is perfect, but it's our personal journey just the same.  Not a single journey is like the other, but we all grow and change through it all:  that's exactly what is the same.

Thanks for reading,

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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