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02 April 2014

10 Months Loc Update | Plus How I Moisturize My Locs

(Originally Written May 10, 2013)

My little darling are a little over 10 months old now!  They are extremely pliable and as time progresses, they are continuing to develop a more uniformed cylinder shape.  I have two favorite conditioners that I've been using for the past three years.  I discovered them when I went natural and my hair loves them!  Here's my loc update and how I mix together my conditioners to ensure that they penetrate my locs with ease. ☺

Locs still maintain the same properties as loose natural hair.  Both are fibers and must be preserved in order to retain length.  The difference is that locs are strands of hair packed densely together.  With that in mind, whatever method you choose to keep your locs moisturized must cater to your unique hair needs and allow you to add and retain an adequate amount of moisture.  An easy way to ensure that your products penetrate your locs is to water down your products with water. ☺

♥ Spray bottles, water, oil and conditioners are any natural hair wearer's best friend! ♥
♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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