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02 April 2014

8 Months Loc Update | Interlocking to Combine Locs

(Originally Written May 10, 2013)

For about two months I have decided to stop retwisting the newgrowth at my roots.  This has caused some of my locs to start combining together at the root.  Oddly enough, I'm totally fine with it!  Actually, one week I decided to help my little locs along by interlocking them at the roots.

Initially, I would just snap my locs apart after washing them.  The downside is that I wash my hair on a weekly basis, an after a few weeks, I realized I was snapping the same sections and pairs of locs apart!  To me, such a process causes more damage than good!  Why decide to freeform but still try to force my hair to look a certain way?  I spent two months claiming that I was "semi-freeforming" when in actuality, I wanted to begin fully freeforming my locs.  I'm completely curious how they will form and develop on their own over the next year or so.

Each of the areas I experimented with interlocking together months earlier have combined nicely.  My locs are still very young; it's been less than a year since I started my locs.  With that in mind, my hair has started doing its own thing, and I'm absolutely loving it!

Hopefully my transition from palm rolling and retwisting to freeforming will inspire others who are thinking of making the same decision, or who already have started to do so.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that my hair is my hair, meaning that I should and can do what I feel is best for the preservation of my hair and my lifestyle. 

So as I remind myself of this fact, I'm reminding each of you too! =)

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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