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02 April 2014

At Just the Right Time!

(Originally written March 19, 2013)


I’ve spent years knocking around the idea of starting a blog.  Problem was I had absolutely no idea what the focus of the blog would be.  I enjoy so many different things and I always have creative thoughts to share.  Previously, I’ve kept my ideas close to my heart, confined inside countless conversations with my family and friends.  Challenge me about an artist or performer I love and I will debate with you on end.  Question my views on just about anything, and I assure you that you’ve met your match indeed!

I LOVE ARTISTIC EXPRESSION:  music, prose, poetry, movies, films, music videos, TV shows, cartoons, hair coloring, hair styling and hair care, clothing and fashion design, paintings, drawings, sketches, mosaics, architecture, interior design, graphic design… Oh goodness!  The list would just continue if I kept on writing.

And that’s exactly why I created this space.  I know there are others like me who love a plethora of different things (I said that like it’s a bad things!)  Let me try that again:  I know there are others like me who spend time each day absorbing the plethora of creativity surrounding us.  (I like that sentence much, much better). =)

In any case, I wanted to share my love for everything that inspires me, no matter how interrelated or unrelated each entity may be.  So if you agree that a musician can appreciate and be inspired by the artwork of a painter…and that an interior designer can be inspired by the color palette choices of a fashion designer…and that a writer can be inspired by the picturesque cinematography in their favorite movie…  Then this is definitely the place for you!

I hope fellow “creators of art” and fellow “admirers of art” can join together to share all that we love, and all that inspires us.

Let us allow our creatively to flow from person to person, ever-changing in a continuous flow of artistic expression that allows both creators and viewers to be swept away by their imaginations.

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