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02 April 2014

First 2 Months of My Loc Journey!

(Originally Written May 8, 2013)

After being natural for about 2 years being natural, I decided to do something I'd wanted to do for years:  I decided to go through with locking my hair!  In no way was this a last minute decision; I'd spent the previous year researching everything I could find out about locs/dreads/dreadlocks.  Soon enough, I knew the time was right and I decided to document my journey with videos.

My shyness got in the way all too soon:  I punked out and didn't post any of my videos until months after recording them for YouTube!  Nonetheless, I learned so much within the first month.  I had to adjust to my hair being frizzy/fuzzy and I had to adjust to not having my loose hair blowing in the wind. LOL!  Months 1 and 2 of my loc journey went a little something like this...

Yup!  I was dealing with the usual things that come with starting locs!  My suggestion to new loc wearers is to make a list of reasons why you truly want to loc your hair.  One site in particular truly helped me figure out exactly why I wanted to lock my hair. Everyone's journey is different and unique to their personal goals.  The opening page on the site posed a few things to think about before starting locs.  For example:
"Your "Why" will influence many parts of your dreadlock journey and it will be the reason behind many of the dreadlocks realated decisions you make."
And then, the author asks two interrelated questions that helped spark my confidence to start my locs.  Check out the site, to check it out!  You'll also find information about the different techniques for starting locs, the different ways to maintain locs and a selection of suggested products.

Enjoy your journey and embrace your natural hair!

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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