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02 April 2014

The Start of My Natural Hair Journey!

(Originally Written May 8, 2013)

I always wondered what my natural hair was like.  In my relaxed years, I waited at least 3 to 4 months in between touch ups and I loved running my fingers along my kinky-coily new growth.  I always wondered what a whole section of hair would feel like natural.  And in May 2010, I decided to take the plunge:  I vowed to no longer relax my hair!  I got one last touch up for graduation and then that was it! And that day marked the beginning of a lifelong journey to embrace me for me.  This video shares how I wore my hair during the transition period, how I wore my hair after my big chop and a sample of the various styles I wore during my first year with natural hair.  Hope you all enjoy! ☺

By December 2010, I couldn't deal with the two different textures in my hair:  the relaxed ends and the kinky roots.  Detangling was a chore!  So I made an appointment with my stylist, initially planning to have her just trim off more of my relaxed ends.  I'm blessed to have had a stylist that I truly developed a relationship with and we both knew I wasn't pleased with my hair at that length.  In a moment of bravery, I asked her to snip off ALL my relaxed ends.  This was such a freeing moment!

I loved the end results.  I felt weird at first, but I knew that my mom and my boyfriend at the time completely supported me.  Unknowingly, I had experienced my big chop! LOL!  I loved it and enjoyed caring for my hair as it continued to grow.

For all my ladies out there who just big chopped or who are thinking about doing the big chop:  I want to encourage you to be strong and confident in who you are.  Your hair doesn't define you.  It's just an accessory to your inner and outer beauty.  Don't ever feel the need to explain yourself to others, not even for your choices with your hair.  If you want to go natural, go natural.  If you think that transitioning is a better choice for you, do so.  If you feel doing the big chop is your best option, do so.  Just do what works for you.

Experiment with styling and have fun!

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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