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12 May 2014

Creating a Blog | A Journey of Self Acceptance

When I created this blog, MissCherieMarieStyle, I had a million and one ideas regarding what I wanted to discuss.  I have so many interests and like anyone else, it was really difficult to decide what type of content to share.  In the beginning, I wanted to share everything from my hair to my interests in music and fashion to my love for the arts and movies.  Just reading that sentence makes my mind jumble, so I can only imagine what all those different topics in one place would do to a reader. 

With that in mind, I knew I needed to narrow things down, but the hardest choice was, "what exactly should I narrow things down to?!"  For the longest time, I didn't have an answer to that question and to be honest, my long list of interests is actually what helped me answer this very question in the end. 

I had to step back and consider why I even felt the need to start a blog.  My reason was simple, but I never really explained my reasons behind starting a blog to anyone other than my mom.  I started a blog because when I'm out and about, people often ask about my hair, my clothes, or where I found a certain accessory or piece of clothing.  While watching YouTube videos, I realized that in a split second, total strangers ask me the same exact questions that viewers on YouTube ask content creators.  From the beginning, my goal was to answer many, if not all, the questions people ask me on a daily basis.  I style and maintain my hair myself, which I've done since middle school. Minus chemical treatments like relaxers and my first color treatment, I've always done everything else at home.  The same goes for how and where I shop for clothing and accessories and how I put outfits together.  There's a method to it all that I've never minded sharing with others because it's always an enjoyable process to me.  Yes, I enjoy styling and maintaining my hair, regardless of the time involved.  The same goes for my manicures and pedicures, skin care routines, and so much more.  If I can learn to do it at home, I'm a fan of that particular beauty regimen process. 

Very soon, I started to realize that my blog still needed focus:  it needed what we consider a niche.  By observing other blogs and websites that I love, I realized that they have something specific about them that they capitalize on and focus on.  Hence, my journey began toward figuring out my niche.  Even though this may sound like an easy task, once again it took a while for me to get past this next phase:  figuring out exactly where I fit or where I should try to fit. 

The irony of it all revealed itself as soon as I remembered that the same things that make me stand out and the same things that cause people to ask how I did this or how I did that are the same things that make me feel like I don't "fit" anywhere.  Fashion wise, I tend not to follow trends.  Hair style wise, I tend not to follow trends.  I don't even use the latest acronyms and phrases; I'm usually too busy creating quirky ones of my own.  So the idea of finding a "niche" to join or become a part of felt just as impossible as trying to "fit in" with the sea of college ladies who all followed the same trends, wore the same styles, or followed the same media driven trends.  No.  No.  And no.  I didn't "fit" any of those places and that was in the REAL world.  I often asked myself, "how are you supposed to fit somewhere in cyber world when you don't even fully "fit" in the real world?"

This was all definitely a tough spot to be in, but I'm grateful to say that now, I feel better about not "fitting in."  To put things in perspective, if being myself in the real world, no matter how many questions of admiration or jealousy I receive from other people, is all a result of me being myself, then why should that change online?  The thing is, it shouldn't.  Being me IS my niche.  Being myself and expressing myself IS my category.  So yes, if I break things down literally, I can describe my style and my texture of hair, my style of hair, and the different skin care routines I prefer.  But overall, when all these little things are packaged together, they still equal me being me. So when I named this blog "MissCherieMarieStyle," I did so knowing that everything shared and presented on this blog would reflect just that:  my style. 

Developing my blog is still an ongoing process and it continues to grow and change as I do.  But right now, in this moment, simply embracing what makes truly been a learning experience.  As I grow, develop, and change, my blog will too. Nonetheless, everything will continue to be all things MissCherieMarieStyle and nothing but! 

♦ Miss Cherie Marie ♦

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