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02 June 2014

Bantu Knot Out on Fine Locs | Easy Curls

Before locking my hair, Bantu knots were one of many go-to styles for me.  Not only would I wear them as a style themselves, but I also used this technique to create full spiral curls.  I decided to give this method a try on my locs since my hair has gotten longer.  The only thing I would change is using the rubber hair bands to secure each knot; it was definitely a pain to get them out of my hair!  The rubber hair bands are made to somewhat "attach to" or "grip" the hair and since locs already "grasp" onto other things, it was all too much.

That being said, I have to try this style again using another method to secure the knots.  I already don't use bobby pins or straight pins anymore.  I do not create tight Bantu knots, so figuring out a different way to secure them is a must for me.  Do you have any suggestions?  What are some ways you secure your hair without using rubber hair bands, bobby pins, and straight pins?  Let me know in the comments below. 

Thanks so much for reading guys and I hope you enjoy the tutorial. 

Watch the full tutorial here or click on the video below =)

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