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09 June 2014

Defined Twist Out on Fine Locs by Double Twisting

A two strand twist out is my go to style to create an easy going look that will last a full week when I want.

I usually allow my hair to semi air dry first, both wrapped in an old t-shirt and then hanging loose.  In the tutorial, my hair is about 70% dry at the most.  I don't use any styling products or styling aids.  If I'm using a leave-in conditioner, that will be the only thing added after shampooing and conditioning.

I often seal in the moisture in my hair by using Extra Light Olive Oil or Africa's Best Herbal Oil; I dilute the oil in a small spray bottle using one part oil and 9 parts water.  This means for a bottle about 75% full of water, I'll only add two drops of oil to the bottle.  I shake up the oil and water mixture before each use and only sprits my hair lightly all over; any more than that tends to break out my shoulders and neck. 

After that, I proceed to two strand twist my locs, using two locs per twist and when necessary, I use three.  (I believe I have an odd number of locs and one loc is too short to be twisted, so I add her into a nearby twist each time.)  The technique I use incorporates twisting each individual loc while twisting the locs together.  This technique is also used when creating Senegalese twists.  Twisting this way always gives me the best curl definition ever!  Check out the tutorial here for email and Bloglovin' viewers; otherwise, the video is linked below. 

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