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23 July 2014

Blow Dry Hair Routine on Locs • Cold Natured? This Tutorial Helps!

Winter weather giving you damp-hair blues?  Air conditioner “freezing” you to death after washing your locs?  Have no fear if a hand held blow dryer is near!  –  I’m not at all a fan of sitting under hooded dryers:  never was and that hasn’t changed.  Plus, having eczema on my scalp causes me to avoid excess exposure to direct heat (a hooded dryers claim to fame).  Hence, I came up with a really simple way to dry the roots of my locs only and then I allow the rest of my hair to air dry.  I hope this technique helps someone else who feels a bit cold while fully air drying their hair.

BONUS TIP:  Sitting outside in the sun also does the trick during the summer and maybe warmer days in spring.  Otherwise, the hand blow dryer is my next best choice.

Check out my video {{Blow Dryer Routine on Locs | Alternative Ways to Dry Locs}} to see how I dry my hair using a handheld blow dryer.  Thanks so much for reading! ♥

***P.S. Instead of embedding YouTube videos into each blog post, from now on I will include direct links to any videos or tutorials mentioned.  I'm personally not a fan of watching embedded videos since I cannot choose the video quality or easily visit the creator's channel.  Plus, the direct links can be viewed easily for email subscribers.  Happiness all around!

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