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02 September 2014

Style of the Day | Not So Gray | 9/2/14

This is an outfit idea I came up with.  The woman drawn to this outfit is fashion forward, but prefers to express her style effortlessly.  She likes to coordinate her shoes and accessories:  she chooses a color palette and sticks to a general theme.  In this outfit, gray and white stand out against the deep blue denim jeans, bringing out the cool undertones of the gray and white.  Her color palette?  Gray, white, and blue.  Her theme?  Cool tones.

Feel free to visit the individual item links below to recreate this look. ♥
black leather belt  |  white pilot buckle booties  |  gray knit tunic top  |  denim blue jeans  |  leaf pendant necklace  |  swirl style open hoops  |  silver dozen bangle set  |  BONUS (not shown):  light gray cross body bag
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