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25 November 2014

Fall and Winter Boots Haul ft. #RocketDog & #Makalu

***Full Transcript of Video can be found below.

Shoes featured in this Haul:

Makalu Sonya
Style # 83780
Color:  Chestnut
Size:  8 1/2
Link | Womens Makalu Sonya in Chestnut

Rocket Dog Tillie
Style # 83487
Color:  Chestnut
Size:  8 1/2
Link | Womens Rocket Dog Tillie in Chestnut

Makalu Ani
Style # 77343
Color:  Chestnut
Size:  8 1/2
Link | Womens Makalu Ani in Chestnut

(The shoe I didn't like!)
Rock And Candy Spraypaint
Style # 80882
Link | Womens Rock and Candy Spraypaint

Thanks so much for reading and watching my video.  See you in my next post! ♥


Full Video Transcript

Hey guys! I’m back with another haul video.  I’m so excited.  If you read my blog or have been checking out some of the new content I’m posting, I just made a Polyvore and a whole bunch of the outfits that I come up with always have boots.  One of my favorite things to wear in the fall, winter, and spring is boots.  Since I went to college, a lot of the shoes, I wore them to death and they pretty much lasted the four years I guess between high school and college.  So I had to give them away or just completely toss them.  So, I got three new pairs today so I’m super excited.  All three of these shoes can be found at Shoe Carnival.  You can check online or you can visit your local store.  I’m pretty sure they’re still there.  So, let’s get started.

Alright, this first boot that I got, I absolutely love these.  They look similar to both the shoes from Bear Paw and the ones from Uggs.  I really like the toe room that these boots offer.  They’re from a company called Makalu.  I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that correctly but the shoes are super comfortable.  They’re fur lined on the inside as well.  And they have a little more room in the toe box than some of the other boots that are made similar to this style.  I paid $39.99 for them so I can’t wait to do some looks featuring these boots.

Another pair of boots that I got are from the exact same company.  I’ll probably write the name somewhere in the video.  But I absolutely love these.  I love boots that are fur lined, clearly, but that you can convert.  So you can wear them with the flap up and then the tongue down.  Or you can pin it, well actually you don’t have to pin it.  You can just position the flap upward.  So I completely love that.  I’ll probably begin wearing them low this way the first time as well.  And they have a pretty cool moccasin kind of look going on and once again, super comfortable, a lot of cushioning and support for the inside of your foot.  And I just had to pick up a pair of these.  I think they also had them in grey or black.  And I believe I paid $34.98 for this pair.

And I definitely needed some more combat style boots.  But I wanted something that reminded me of a Timberland or something like that so I got these boots from Rocket Dog.  This is actually a shoe company that me and my cousin buy so many shoes from them.  Both for the fall and winter and spring we tend to buy shoes from this company.  There was another shoe that I was looking at that was really similar but I tried it on and it just felt horrible.  I forget what company they were from, but it had no support whatsoever and the top of the shoe was not comfortable.  It was too hard.  So nothing’s worse than having a toe box that every time your toe hits it, it actually physically hurts.  I paid $54.98 for them but I had a 10 dollar coupon.  Yay!  So that cut off some of the price on the most expensive shoe.  So I guess I paid like $44 for these.  They’re really cute, super comfortable and it’s one of the darker shoes that I got.  I tend to get shoes that have a lighter hue or a medium light hue, like this pair, because it works better with the type of colors that I wear and my, you know, scarves and accessories and stuff like that.

I definitely will have a lookbook coming up soon.  I can’t wait.  I haven’t been feeling so good so I didn’t feel up to filming like outdoors or anything like that because that’s my preference.  So I will definitely have some looks coming up featuring these new shoes.  So, thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.  Peace out!

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