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24 November 2014

Thanksgiving Outfits: Casual & Edgy Glam Looks

Thanksgiving is this Thursday in the States.  I'm super excited to spend quality time with my family and I certainly can't wait for Thanksgiving dinner!  One of my favorite things to do each year is to pick out a special outfit that truly represents me and my style.  I created two Thanksgiving Day outfit ideas that completely match my mood this Fall.  I'm feeling both edgy and chic, yet warm and calm.  One look is casual, which I will share first, and the other is more dressy and glam.

The casual outfit idea features a sweater I just couldn't resist!  Look at the lovely bunny rabbit; it's too cute, but has an artsy vibe that I love.  Paired with brown leggings and taupe colored wedge booties, I played on the knit pattern in the sweater that is light brown and grey.  An added touch is the fake gauge earrings, which keeps things exciting and unexpected.  The earrings are definitely a conversation starter!  Finally, the leaf ring and snake ring fit with the nature theme of the rabbit sweater, and the arrow necklace does just the same with a similar metal hue.

• Boatneck top
$24 -

• Marc Jacobs legging

• Cougar wedge boots

• Givenchy shoulder bag

• Spiral earrings

• Avant Garde Paris brass ring

• Isabel Marant ring

• Necklace

The more dressy outfit idea features a cable knit sweater dress.  I absolutely love wearing sweater dresses!  I feel girly and cute.  I paired the dress with black tights and a black stretch belt to cinch the waist.  Faux or real, I love wearing fur.  A fox fur bolero and grey wedge booties with a fur lining completed this look for me.  I wanted to keep all the accessories edgy, with a touch of glam.  For rings, I chose a set of four rings that can easily be stacked or worn separately.  For the earrings, I chose hammered black drop earrings and a jagged ear cuff earring set.  Finally, for a necklace I chose a gun metal reflective cross necklace.

• Gucci short sleeve jacket

• Fleece tight

• Imago A real leather handbag

• Elastic belt

• Hammered, Sleek and Shine Earring Set

• Shaping Up Ring Set

• Jagged Edge Ear Cuff

• Baroque Reflection Cross Necklace

Thank you so much for reading!  See you in my next post. ♥

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