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01 December 2014

Nude Mood with a Pop of Color: Style of the Day

I'm not sure how today's "Style of the Day" ended up being a flashy business look but I guess that is what's been on my mind lately.  Instead of sticking to black, gray, and white or a completely nude look, I decided to combine the two together while adding in a pop of red.  Using a blouse to add a pop of color to any outfit is super easy and often fool proof.  Styling an outfit this way allows you to express yourself without doing too much.

I didn't want to feel plain if I wore this look so I paired this red draped blouse with a gray patterned pencil skirt and black waist belt.  These three pieces together create a polished yet stylish look.  Sticking with the "nude mood" theme, I made sure that the pumps and handbag were nude as well.  Adding silver stud earrings also keeps things professional while still expressing style.  Would this be an office look?  That depends on your working environment and what your day may hold.  As soon as you get a chance to dress with more color and/or patterns, this look will allow you to have fun!

• H&M black cardigan
$19 -

• H&M sleeveless top
$24 -

• H&M pencil skirt
$39 -

• Nine West pumps

• Earrings

• H&M black belt
$20 -

See you in my next post!  Thanks for reading. ♥

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