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26 January 2015

2 Years and 6 Months Locs | Loc Journey Update

Hey guys!  These photos show my locs at 2 years and 6 months old, which was in December 2014.  Not too long ago, I spent time planning what color / colors I would use on my hair for my 3 year loc anniversary.  I still haven't completely decided because I have to go back and review my top choices. :)

In the mean time, I'm still completely enjoying my hair color from last year.  {{MORE about my current hair colors HERE}}  My hair has been growing like wildflowers and I've been aiming to take great care of it which definitely helps with retaining length.

One of my favorite styles last Summer and this Winter has been the style featured in these photos.  I love having my hair off my shoulders and neck.  In the Summer, it keeps me from being as hot with my locs hanging everywhere.  During the Winter months, having my hair off my neck allows me to wear my ear muffs without having to keep lifting my hair up to put them on and take them off.  It also keeps my hair from rubbing against all the scarves and sweaters I wear.  The friction is bad for hair in general, but with locs it can cause lint to build up on the ends more than usual and the sweaters and knits absorb any moisture in you hair.

To be completely honest, the very tips of my locs do have a little bit of lint.  Most of it accumulated about a year ago when my hair first started hitting my neck while hanging down.  At night, I sleep on a satin pillowcase so I don't cover my hair with a scarf.  I soon realized however that my locs were picking up lint from one of my favorite pink blankets.  It's so snugly and warm though!  For now, I really don't mind the little pieces of lint.  They aren't always noticeable and they are somewhat part of the ends of my locs now.  There are ways to change this, either by coloring the pieces of lint when I color my hair or by specifically brushing that particular loc until it's removed.  For right now, I'm choosing to do nothing. :)  I love my hair, little pieces of lint and all!

That's pretty much all I can think of as far as what's been concerning me about my hair and any plans I have for my hair coming soon.  In the upcoming weeks, I'll have a more detailed post about combining my locs (again) and about other changes with my hair.  Until then, I hope you enjoy these photos. ♥

See you in my next post! ♥

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Winter Boho / Bohemian OOTD

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago for church.  I wanted something relaxed, yet still featuring a skirt since it was my Sunday off from teaching.  This green maxi skirt is one of my faves from the last summer but it fits well with the colors I tend to wear in the winter as well.  I paired the skirt with a men's oxford button up shirt in a deep blue shade and a burgundy / wine colored drape sweater.  For jewelry, I chose a long necklace featuring a diamond studded serpent.  For shoes, I wore my chestnut colored Makalu Ani boots.  {{MORE about my boots HERE}}


See you soon and thanks for reading! ♥

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24 January 2015

Garfield Graphic Sweatshirt | Outfit Inspiration

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22 January 2015

Hair Products for Colored Locs & Eczema Relief

One of the most exciting decisions I ever made during my loc journey was to color my hair.  I absolutely love how my hair color turned out!  Along the way, I've depended on a few specific products that have continued to work well for me and that provide great results.  All products mentioned in the full video {{here}} are listed below. :)

Products List:

♥ Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner {{shop/buy}}
♥ Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner {{shop/buy}}
♥ Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo {{shop/buy}}
♥ Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Protect Shampoo {{shop/buy}}
♥ Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Protect Conditioner {{shop/buy}}
♥ Selsun Blue Itchy Dry Scalp Shampoo {{shop/buy}}
♥ Shea Moisture African Black Soap Body Wash {{shop/buy}}

If your interested in more details about my current hair color/colors and names of colors I used, check out this post:  {{Length Check Update: Colored Locs Journey #LocJourneyUpdate}}.  Thank you so much for reading!  See you in my next post. ♥
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