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04 February 2015

Hair Typing: Texture Isn't All That Matters

Even before I started my natural hair journey five years ago after my final relaxer, I knew more than enough information about multiple hair typing systems.  One of the more familiar systems in the natural hair community was created by Andre Walker; my mom has numerous books, including his, that describe different ways to "type" our hair.  Nonetheless, most of the time more than one system alone can fit your hair and/or describe it better than another.  But I didn't create this post to discuss hair typing systems alone.

Within the past year, I've finally found a hair routine that benefits my hair and that fits my lifestyle.  And most importantly, I've found a hairstyle that fits me as a person:  having locs.  It's been almost three years since I started my loc journey and five years since I big chopped.

And finally, in November of 2014, my hair decided to show me her true colors.  Well, her true texture that is.

The interesting thing is, not a single "magic shampoo" or "special conditioner" allowed my hair to be herself.  Prior to taking these photos, I had shampooed my hair with Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Body Wash, which is my new "shampoo" of sorts.  After months of using this method to care for the Eczema on my scalp and to leave my hair residue free, my hair looks just like this after every wash day.  And what's even more exciting is that my hair has started to lock faster at the roots since using this product.  Instead of focusing on moisturizing shampoos, which worked great when my main goal was to maintain my length, now my focus is the health of my scalp.  Both things directly effect hair growth.  For length retention, I have a few conditioners that I mix together into a souffle.  But I talk about that in depth in another post.

The amazingly cool thing I realized just this year, in 2015, is that hair typing alone shouldn't define how you care for your hair, how you style your hair, and how you feel about your hair.  No.  Figuring out you hair's type should only assist you on your natural hair journey, the same way reading a book or watching a video about natural hair care would.  Do not let hair typing systems define you, your hair, or your journey.  And to make things even more interesting, I have one or two more textures in my hair:  one at the hairline, one at the crown, and one at the nape of my neck.  With that being said, follow a regime that works for YOU.  Let your natural hair journey/loc journey be a freeing experience and nothing less. ♥

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