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23 March 2015

2 Years, 7 Months Loc Update + Combining My Locs

As the months go by, the date of my three year loc anniversary gets closer and closer!  I am super excited beyond explanation.

Instead of writing a long paragraph or two, or three, I decided to record a video just like I did in the very beginning.  I focused mostly on how my hair has changed over the past few months and details about my latest combining session on my locs.  I had about 70 locs totally before combining about 20 of them.  Now, my latest count totaled 51 (or 53).  I may have doubled up while counting since a few of my freshly combined locs are only paired together at the roots.  Check out the full update below.

{{Click Here to Watch the Video}}

See you guys in my next post!  Thanks so much for watching and reading. ♥

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