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04 May 2015

My First Retwist in 1 Year! (Freeform Loc Journey)

About two months ago, I retwisted my locs.  Other than combining my locs, I do not manipulate my new growth at all.  I shampoo my scalp weekly, condition my locs weekly, and shampoo my hair shaft/locs monthly.

I was curious to see how uniform in size my locs are after combining them again this January.  I'm happy to say, retwisting went great.  The video below shares my results.

{{Watch video here}}

This was certainly a "pretend retwist" because I washed my hair about five days after twisting them!  I wanted to keep it in longer but an eczema flare up prevented me from doing so.  But more than that, I just missed my full roots!

Thanks for reading! ♥

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