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29 June 2015

Scalp Treatment for Eczema Relief | 3 Day Regimen

Before coloring my hair earlier this month to mark my three year loc anniversary, I had a really bad eczema flare up!  To combat the flare and to prepare my scalp for either hair color or all the rinsing that would be involved in rinsing out the hair color, I dedicated three straight days to caring for my scalp.

My shampoo of choice for eczema flare ups in general is Head & Shoulder's Classic Clean shampoo.  It can be found at most stores that sell hair products specifically and at your local supermarket (Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc.).  I shampooed my hair nightly (my hair seems to do better being wet overnight versus during the day) and I simply rinsed my hair out with water and kept it moving.  I didn't bother conditioning on day two and day three, because my hair shaft itself was not shampooed.

My Favorite Conditioners (Locs/Dreadlocks, Natural Hair)

Products for Colored Locs/Natural Hair + Products for Scalp Eczema Relief

This method worked for me extremely well.  The next time I experience a really bad eczema flare up, I plan to revisit this method!  Hopefully now that Summer is in full swing, my allergies will not bother me as much. :) ♥

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25 June 2015

Casual OOTD Accessories + Easy Loc Style: High Pineapple with Head Wrap

For a few weeks, I kept my hair styling to a minimum and focused on my jewelry and accessories instead.  I wear this high pineapple ponytail around the house, at night to sleep in, during certain workout routines, and even as a style outside the home.  To spice things up, I add head wraps, scarves, and headbands adorned with flowers and more. ♥

Topics:  easy casual loc styles. simple dreadlocks styles. natural hair head wrap styles. head scarf styles. casual outfit accessories. silver stacked rings. nails of the day. notd.

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23 June 2015

NOTD (Nails of the Day) | Peach Nude Nails

Hey guys!  Two post today:  one featuring one of my go-to styles lately and this one, featuring one of my favorite manicures.

Nude or neutral colors are somewhat new territory for me.  I tend to lean towards bright colors, neon colors, and glitter!  Sometimes, I wanted to go a different route with my nail polish color choices but I wasn't sure which way to turn.  Finding colors that work great for me and my personality was hard in the beginning.  I'm not a fan of translucent or sheer nude and neutrals.  Through trial and error, I realized that I prefer more pigmented nude colors.  Nude doesn't have to equal sheer!

The color I'm wearing is by Orly, one of my fave nail polish brands.  The biggest tip I have for other ladies looking for pigmented versus sheer/translucent nude and neutral nail polish colors is to look for colors that match your nail bed color perfectly.  This color by Orly, called Cotton Candy #20730 is close to the same color as my nail bed!  And the great thing about Orly nail colors is they often carry a sheer, pigmented, and shimmer variation of the same color!

What is your favorite or go-to nude/neutral nail polish color? ♥

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Hair of the Day | Aztec Print Headband

One of my go-to hair styles lately is simply adding a headband to my look for the day.  Most of the time, I pick up headbands, head wraps, and scarves when I'm shopping for clothes.  If I see something I like, I purchase it right then in case I'm unable to find anything like it somewhere else.

I picked up this headband at H&M about 2 years ago and I wear it both forward and backwards. ;) Reversing the direction of the headband allows me to keep my hair off my shoulders and neck and wearing it the traditional way allows me to keep my hair off my face, as shown above.

Check out my entire outfit too! ♥

Topics:  hair of the day. easy and simple natural hair styles. easy and simple loc styles. colored locs. colored dreadlocks.

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15 June 2015

Style of the Day: Channeling Aztec

As promised, a recreation of last week’s OOTD/outfit of the day.  I absolutely LOVE Aztec prints and it's always fun for me to mix them together or pair them with coordinating colors to create a stylish look.

For this outfit, I used a similar color scheme to recreate the look.  Instead of a gold tank top layered underneath an open knit sweater, I chose a dark green tank.  I also swapped out the peachy sweater for a deep gray one.

• BKE core scoop top

• H M green jumper
$6.19 -

• Tribal sportswear

• Bed|stu shoes

• Boots

• Bed Stu leather cross body purse
$115 -

• Tory Burch round lens sunglasses

Happy Monday!  Hope you enjoyed this look.  Check out more of my Polyvore Sets too.  Thanks for reading! ♥

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12 June 2015

Aztec Print OOTD (Spring Outfit of the Day)

Hey guys!  Here is an outfit I wore a few weeks ago.  Since then, I've worn variations of this look with different tops and leggings.  The headband I'm wearing paired well with this pair of leggings.

I love the warm colors in this outfit!  A Polyvore creation featuring this outfit is in the works.

Topics:  spring outfit ideas. spring outfits. spring outfit idea. sweaters and leggings. how to style aztec print leggings. how to wear aztec prints. boho chic. bohemian chic.

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06 June 2015

Up Close & Personal | Locs/Dreadlocks

Topics:  locs. dreads. dreadlocks. loc journey. dreadlock journey. dreadlocks journey. 2 years locs. 2 years dreadlocks. 2 years 10 months locs. 2 years 10 months dreadlocks.

Loc love is important.

It's taken time for me to fully embrace and accept my hair's texture.

And during a loc journey/dreadlocks journey, time is key.  Time... for your hair to loc.  Time... for your hair to grow.  Time... for your locs to mature.

I big chopped in 2010 and started my loc journey in 2012.

See you in my next post! ♥

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03 June 2015

2 Years, 10 Months Length Check | Loc Journey

As of April 2015, my locs were two years and ten months old.  At the time, my scalp eczema was under control and styling was a breeze.  For the most part, I’m still using the same shampoos and conditioners on my hair and go to eczema care treatments are the same as well.  I stopped recording official length checks right after this one for a few different reasons.  My main reason was that I wanted to focus even more on the health of my scalp and caring for my color treated hair.  My second reason was because I noticed that I started to care more about the length of my locs versus how bright my hair color still is.  Focusing mainly on my hair’s length instead of how well I have cared for it wasn’t giving me the credit I deserved.  Caring for natural hair becomes “easy breezy” when your regimen prevents damage instead of fixing damage.  (I should really frame that statement for later!)

In any case, my hair has grown a lot over the past few months.

Interested in my previous length check and loc update?  Visit the blog post or watch the video on MissCherieMarie101.  Thanks for reading!  See you in my next post. ♥

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