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01 July 2015

Locs Length Check Update: 6-1-15

Exactly a month ago, I took photos for my most recent length check during my loc journey.  Caring for my hair is much easier now; I have products that I love and that I know work great for me and my lifestyle.  The bummer is that my Eczema is really bothering me!  This restricts styling options since I shampoo my scalp frequently and more than anything, it is just absolutely uncomfortable!

On a lighter note, my loc journey is coming along.  My hair is closer to bra strap length than ever before.  In the past, I always trimmed my hair once it grew to the length it is now.

Coming up in my next blog post will be my recent hair color!  Each year, to celebrate my loc anniversary, I color my hair.  This year, I colored the hair that grew in over the past year and I absolutely love it!  Every few months (three to four months) I plan to do length checks.  There are more style related posts coming soon! ♥

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