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21 August 2015

3 Years, 3 Months Length Check: Loc Journey Update

In my most recent post about my locs, I shared about my new loc anniversary hair color.  After a much needed break, here's my most recent length check!  I still can't believe my locs are 3 years old now.  {{The reason I've been gone :-( I'm learning to better manage it though.}}

Funny thing is, my hair shrinks while I'm filming videos and taking photos.  In these photos, my hair shrinks almost a half inch!  Once my hair is fully dry, my locs shrink anywhere from a half inch to an inch.  Most of it is due to my new growth (being that I do not retwist/interlock) and the rest is simply because my hair shrinks! =) I'm learning to appreciate this fact more and more over time.  Once my hair is tailbone length, my locs will probably still shrink, giving me room to grow my hair even longer. :)  Learning to love your natural hair is truly a journey. ♥

See you in my next post!

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