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21 September 2015

Easy Loc Style with a Bun | Semi Protective Styles

At this point in my loc journey, I'm not always a fan of full-on protective styles.  For starters, they tend to be too much work considering I shampoo my hair once or twice a week.  Secondly, I've completely become used to feeling air on my scalp day and night.  Having the same hair style or updo for a few days in a row is not at the top of my list right now.

With all that being said, I do enjoy styling my hair, just as much as I ever did.  I've been known since middle school for styling my hair in unique styles each week, sometimes even throughout the week.  I want to get back to that point, especially since I've been taking care of my locs.  My goal is to enjoy this length (just past shoulder length in the front and almost bra strap length in the back) by doing styles that flatter my hair color and loc thickness.

The last time I styled my hair in the front was last month for a youth conference at my church.  Since then, I did one braid-out and the occasional high ponytail to run errands.  Now, I can add this mini bun to the list.

This style is super easy to recreate with locs, braids, twists, or loose natural hair.  I sectioned the front of my hair, just above ear to ear, and pinned the rest back while styling my bun.  For the bun, I started with a loose ponytail at the top of my head in the center.  Then, I created a bun shape by wrapping the hair around itself (similar to how I create buns with scarves).  I secured the bun with a tube head wrap scarf, using it as I would a ponytail holder.

That's pretty much it!  I tucked a few locs in that decided to stick out and I untied the back section of my hair to let it fall naturally.  Boom!  Finished look. :)

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See you in my next post!  Thanks for reading. ♥

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