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26 September 2015

Tuck and Roll Half Loc Updo | Semi Protective Styles

Hey guys!  This half loc updo is a throwback to a few weeks ago.  I came up with this style based on a hair style I used to wear a lot in middle school.  Lately, I've been recreating looks from my relaxed hair days.  For the most part, I would only style the front of my hair and leave the back of my hair down.  Keeping each of these styles low manipulation has been a challenge but I'm enjoying the creativity aspect.

Instead of wearing a style the entire week, I just style my hair maybe once or twice during the week and then I leave my hair un-styled the rest of the week.  My "tuck and roll half loc updo" is one of my semi protective styles.

All about my hair color here.

My latest loc update and length check here.

In my previous post, I shared one of my other semi protective styles.  Now that the weather is getting a little cooler, I'm excited to start wearing head wraps again.  Head wrap season, here I come!  See you in my next post.  Thanks for reading! ♥

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