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28 October 2015

Basketball Game Outfit Idea | Style of the Day

Halftime well spent. =) ♥

Stylish outfit idea, great for a basketball game, inspired by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

• Topshop petite sweater

• Urban Bliss skinny jeans
$38 -

• Blowfish ankle boots

• Clare V canvas handbag
$270 -

• Ippolita earrings

• Effy Jewelry two tone ring

• Wouters Hendrix Gold fine jewelry
$7,940 -

• Druzy necklace

• Fringed shawl
$28 -

• NARS Cosmetics nail polish
$23 -

This pair of boots is on my Fall boots and booties wishlist!  Check it out. :)

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26 October 2015

Outfit of the Day / OOTD: Cropped Sweater & Cowboy Boots

Happy Monday everyone! ♥

I haven't done an outfit of the day (OOTD) post in a while.  I wore this look on Sunday/yesterday and I received so many compliments on my outfit, especially my boots!  Honestly, I've been eyeing this pair of western boots for months, possibly even a year!  I waited until I found them at a price I found reasonable; you can also find them here.

I absolutely love layering multiple pieces together to mix colors and textures.  The flowy vest fits well on top of my orange cropped sweater.  I layered a black cami (black camisole) underneath for comfort and to conceal my waist.  I'm wearing a pair of mid-rise or regular rise pants.  Opting for high waist pants instead will keep you covered up as well.

I love post earrings!  Most of the time, I wear dangle, drop, and chandelier earrings but to spice things up, I wear stud earrings when I'm in the mood.  I kept my hair simple yesterday.  I wore a woven black headband and a flower.  Sunday was wash day for my hair; maybe I'll style my hair later on this week.  In the meantime, this is one of my most recent semi-protective styles. ♥

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23 October 2015

Semi Casual Fall/Autumn Outfit | Style of the Day

Cooler weather means sweaters and sweaters means boots!  I wanted to create an outfit that captures what Autumn means to me, while adding something new.  I often mix prints and patterns together in my looks.  This semi casual outfit idea features not a single print or pattern, while still adding texture with the pair of gray booties, a member of my fall boots and fall booties wishlist.

Pairing different neutral colors together adds a little spice to this look, while still keeping things calm and relaxed.

• H&M asymmetrical top
$23 -

• Theory sleeveless top
$160 -

• Skinny jeans

• Blowfish ankle boots

• Handbag

• Bracelet

• Earrings

• Necklace

• Uncommon tech accessory

• Opi nail polish

My favorite accessories in this look is the long gold and black necklace and the mixed metal (gold, silver, gray) stretch bracelet.  The earrings are lovely as well, with textured details when you see them up close.  Wearing neutral colors is stepping out of my comfort zone.  What is your fashion comfort zone and are you trying to break free? ♥

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21 October 2015

Fall Boots & Booties Wishlist 2015

I'm so happy to be back posting!  I missed it so much.  No more breaks for a while, hopefully between now and New Year's.

One of my favorite types of shoes to wear year round is boots!  I love them in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer months.  But I have to say, Autumn is my all time favorite season to go boot shopping!  The selection is always amazing and the styles are fresh and exciting.  The top of my fall boots wishlist this year features booties galore, with one or two other boot styles as well.  I don't wear heels very often but when I do, they usually are a boot, bootie, or wedges.  Some of the shoes on this list feature all three qualities!

Up first are four pairs of booties featuring artsy textures, patterns, color combos, and fabrics.  I love when a shoe adds to an outfit, while still capturing attention all on it's own.  These boots check off all the qualifications on my list for style, comfort, and affordability.

• Ankle booties

• Ankle booties

• Ankle booties

• Ankle booties

• Ankle booties

Next up, I had to add a pair of riding boots to my list this year.  More than any other style of boot, Western boots are my favorite but right behind them are riding boots.  With such a wide range of styles, there's a riding boot for everyone.  I'm usually drawn to rustic finishes, rich and deep colors, and a low or flat heel.  I loved the pair featured on my list so much that I shared them twice, in brown and taupe.

• Boots

• Boots

• Ankle booties

• Ankle booties

Boom!  Now, I have to resist going on an online shopping spree right this minute!  Be sure to check out last year's Fall boots wishlist too.  Check out my favorite boots and much more on Pinterest.  Visit my board dedicated to boots here or below.  See you in my next post!

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