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22 November 2016

Chicago Bulls 23 Sweatshirt & Wedge Sneakers | Casual Fall OOTD

Since the Chicago Bulls have an away game today...

Before it suddenly got cold, I wore one of my favorite Christmas gifts from last year:  my "Street Bulls" sweatshirt!  It is very comfortable and warm, paired with a faux leather jacket and it kept me in a great mood while running errands.  I like to pair skinny jeans with wedge shoes in general, but my favorite has to be wedge high top sneakers.  I really need to add more pairs to my shoe collection very soon!

I wore my usual assortment of rings on almost every finger and my Chicago Bulls drop / dangle earrings (a Birthday gift from my mom).  I've been wearing my ear cuffs on the center of my ear instead of the top; I've always wanted a piercing in that spot but until then, the cuff will suffice. 😄  Also, I got my nose pierced almost three months ago!  Yay!

The design on this top is so cool!

An up close photo of my earrings.

I've had this pair of Sketchers for years, but I don't wear them very often.  I usually save them for cute casual outfits.

I styled my hair in a really quick half updo, using a quarter of my locs in the front to create somewhat of a french roll or hump.  I used two locs from my crown to tie the hump in place, instead of bobby pins or straight pins.

My mom picked out a pair of sunglasses / sunshades for me when we were shopping in Target.  I absolutely love them.  Target has the cutest clothing, shoes and accessories!

See you in my next post and thanks for reading! ♥

🏀 Hopefully, the Bulls will win tonight against the Nuggets. 🏀

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