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05 September 2017

Fall / Autumn Boots & Booties Wishlist | Part 1

Fall / Autumn is just a two (2) weeks away and I can't wait for the cooler weather.  This year, I found so many boots and booties that I like!  I've been searching for a really stylish pair of riding boots, so I dedicated an entire collage to riding boots.  I also found lace up combat style boots and a pair of cute dress booties, perfect for any occasion.  I hope you all enjoy this years installment of my Boots and Booties Wishlist.
This is the first collage of my Fall / Autumn Boots & Booties Wishlist.  I love both pairs of booties so much that I chose two colors of each shoe.

This is the second collage of my Fall / Autumn Boots & Booties Wishlist.  I've been searching for a stylish and comfortable pair of riding boots.  These pairs have caught my attention this year.

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Thanks so much for reading!  See you in my next post. ♥

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