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03 October 2018

Fall Accessories Wish List from Target | Volume 1

I always find the coolest things while shopping at Target.

Window shopping is one of my favorite things to do.  I can check out any and everything, regardless of the price and imagine them in my closet.  On this past Sunday during my weekly Target run, I came across a few items that I had to save just in case I want to purchase them at a later date.  All the items that caught my eye are listed below with active links at the writing of this post.  If they're no longer available online, you can look for the things on my wish list at your nearest Target as well.

• Wild Fable Nylon Fanny Pack in Pink - Target | {Shop / Buy}

• Mad Love Parachute Satchel Handbag in Blush - Target | {Shop / Buy}

• Mad Love Parachute Weekender Bag in Pink - Target | {Shop / Buy}

• Women's A New Day Palm Print Oblong Scarf in Pink - Target | {Shop / Buy}

• Disney Women's Nightmare Before Christmas Knee High Socks in Gray, Sizes 9-11 - Target | {Shop / Buy}

• Universal Thread Circle Crossbody Bag in Light Gold - Target | {Shop / Buy}

Cute stuff, right? 😀👍🏾 Thanks for reading and see you in my next post.

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